Mouse and Keyboard Automation for Games

This post presents few Mouse and Keyboard Automation Software Utilities for Windows which can be helpful in Games and can also be used for Software Testing. Automating Repetitive Human Input in the form of Mouse Actions and Keystrokes can be done with the software applications presented here. With appropriate planning, Automation of almost any Windows Application can be done. Windows […]

Auto Click Android App

Now you can Auto Click on any Android App easily and quickly. In order to get started and Auto Click on Android Applications, you need to download an Automatic Clicking Application for your Desktop / Laptop Operating System like Windows, Macintosh or Linux and you would also need to download and install an Android Emulator. There are many […]

Auto Clicker for PC Games

Now you can Auto Click on PC Games running on Windows with Auto Clicker for Games. Whether you are playing single, multi player or MMORPG Game, the Auto Clicker provided here works with all kind of Games. Apart from PC Games, you can also Auto Click on online Games available on Websites and even on Facebook. You can either Download […]

Download Auto Clicker

Clicker faster in Games, Windows Applications and on Android Emulators with Mouse or Keyboard Shortcuts with Auto Clicker. Downloading the Software is takes only a few seconds and the Downloaded Application Setup of Auto Clicker is compatible with Windows 10 and earlier Windows Operating Systems. The Auto Clicker Download is offered on a Free to Download and try basis. One time Software Registration […]

Send SMS from Data Modem

Send Multiple SMS Messages from your Windows Computer with the help of your USB Data Modem and a SMS Sending Application. This SMS Software works on Windows 7, Windows 8 and on Windows 8.1 Computers irrespective of whether you are using 32 bit or 64 bit version. Given below screenshot displays main screen of this […]

Restore Desktop Icons with Desktop Icons Layout Manager

Now you can easily save and restore Desktop Icons Position with Desktop Icons Layout Manager Software for Windows 7, Windows 8 and also for Windows 8.1. This nifty utility lets you Restore Desktop Icons Layout with one click on the Restore Button. Whenever you wish to save the Desktop Layout, just click on the Save […]

Cookie Clicker Bot

Download Auto Clicker and use it as a Cookie Clicker Bot. This is really one of the best Cookie Clicker Utilities available on internet and yes you can use it in other Games as well. Do visit the Auto Clicker page to know what all features are supported by this Mouse Automation Utility. Clicking Cookies […]

Image Resizer to Resize and Convert Image Files

This post presents an Image Resizer Software Application which allows you to Resize Image Files to Multiple Dimensions and simultaneously it also allows you to Rotate Image Files. This Image Resizer is useful when you do have Image Files in Bulk to be Resized and you want the Image Files to be created in multiple […]

Image Optimization Software for Windows

A simple and easy to use Image Optimization Software is presented in this post. This Image Optimization Software works on almost all Windows Operating Systems and is Free to Download and try. Optimization of PNG and JPG / JPEG Image Files is supported by this Image Optimization Software for Windows. Whether you have few or […]

Auto Talker Software

A Text Typer Application especially for Games is presented here. This Auto Talker Software for Windows lets you type Multiple Text Sentences, Multiple Times controllable with a single Keyboard Shortcut. Whether you wish to use Auto Talker in Runescape or in any other Game, this Auto Talker can really speed up your Text Typing Time […]